Polygreen recycled foam padding is an environmentally friendly, impact absorbing pad that provides a soft cushioning system for use beneath synthetic turf in a wide variety of applications.

Polygreen Play

As commercial playground equipment continues to get more complex, taller and more popular, the need for a proven safety layer has increased.  With over 30 million square feet of playground padding installed, Polygreen Play is the established leader in the market.  It is a key component in many certified playground surfacing systems and comes in multiple thicknesses to accommodate various impact attenuation requirements.

Polygreen Sport

Specifically designed to provide safe, consistent GMAX ratings along with superior drainage capabilities, Polygreen Sport offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of impact attenuation in synthetic turf field systems.  Its high-density foam construction provides excellent traction and playability so performance is not sacrificed.

Polygreen Lawn

Designed for use in both residential and commercial applications, Polygreen Lawn is an environmentally friendly, shock absorbing and drainage pad ideal for a wide variety of applications. It is constructed from medium density foam and features a highly porous design that enhances drainage both vertically and laterally.