Over 30,000,000 ft2 Installed

The proven leader in shock attenuation padding.


Made from 100% recycled, post industrial foam and is 100% recyclable.

Padding specifically designed for turf applications

Polygreen Play is an impact absorbing underlayment padding that provides a soft, safe cushioning system with synthetic grass playground surfacing.

Polygreen Sport is a high-performance impact or shock pad system used beneath synthetic turf sports field to provide consistent GMAX ratings and fast drainage.

Polygreen Lawn Pad is a thinner version of Polygreen Playground Pad designed for residential lawns, landscaping and commercial play areas with limited fall attenuation requirements.

Made in the USA

Polygreen Foam LLC, based in Coldwater Michigan, is an environmentally focused company that recycles post-industrial, cross-linked and closed cell polyethylene foam waste into useable, cost-effective foam padding used extensively as underlayment for synthetic turf systems. Polygreen Foam is committed to waste reduction, a cleaner environment, and making products that enhance our lives.