Polygreen Foam Pad Applications

While the majority of Polygreen foam products are currently used as shock and drainage pads under playgrounds and synthetic turf sports fields, its permeable nature makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Polygreen Play

Polygreen's Playground Pad is the most proven product on the market with over 30 million square feet installed throughout the world. View Product Details.

Polygreen Sport

Specially designed high density foam pads provide a drainage and impact layer that offers exceptional GMAX attenuation for synthetic turf sports fields without sacrificing performance and playability.  View Product Details.

Polygreen Lawn

Polygreen foam padding serves as a great drainage pad and weed barrier for all types of artificial grass  landscaping applications.  Thicker versions can also be used to provide an added level of safety to play areas and under residential play systems. View Product Details.

Green Roofs

Polygreen foam is an ideal material for rooftop gardens.  The porous foam retains a sufficient amount of moisture to support plant life, while still maintaining its excellent drainage properties.  Plus, it insulates against sound and heat to help keep buildings quiet and comfortable throughout the year.


Polygreen's exceptional sound absorption qualities make it ideal for use in everything from sound barriers along highways to home theater rooms, but it can also be used for simpler applications like portable walkways in mud prone areas.


Other Applications

  • Equestrian stables and animal husbandry
  • Fatigue relief pads for standing workers
  • Packaging material and industrial applications